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Renters can save thousands with Zillow's new search tool to better schedule their move

Company adds features to help renters move faster and with more confidence in today’s fast-paced market

,/ PR Newswire / — — Tenants can now search Zillow rental listings by move-in date, potentially saving them thousands of dollars in today’s competitive market. This new filter, now available on the desktop and soon in the Zillow app, better aligns the end of a lease with the start of a new lease, eliminating the dreaded “dual tenancy” scenario, just Like typical US rent first crossed $2,000 threshold .

except by using In addition to potentially saving thousands of dollars with move-in date filters, tenants can also save time by using the Zillow Renter Hub, now available on the Zillow app use. Tenants can easily view properties they have contacted and applied for, respond to messages from potential landlords, and manage their current lease and rent payment schedules—all from the Zillow app. According to Zillow’s 2022 Consumer Housing Trends Report , the majority (60%) of recent renters say they use an app on their smartphone or tablet to search for rentals. Now instead of users rummaging through their inboxes and switching between Zillow apps for updates on their rental searches, the Renter Hub keeps in touch with rents, news with potential landlords, and all the latest details on their current home organization In one place, right at their fingertips.

These Zillow app updates are critical to a market with rapidly growing rental demand. As purchasing costs continue to rise, many would-be home buyers are choosing to stay in the rental market. Monthly payment for a typical mortgage compared to June 2019

      over 75% higher .

” If you’ve ever been a renter, you know how stressful the search process can be. Organize emails and keep track of All landlords or the rental office you contact is a hassle in itself. Now that the rental market is more expensive than ever, making sure that rental start and end dates are consistent is essential to avoid paying rent for two homes at the same time,” said Christopher Roberts , Senior Vice President and General Manager, Zillow Leasing. “Our Renter Hub upgrade and new search filters give renters the confidence that they’re only seeing homes that match their needs – including their move-in time and their budget – and that they won’t miss any information from potential landlords,” Even on the go.”

In addition to the check-in date search feature and Renter Hub upgrades, Zillow has recently released or is developing other tools to empower renters. Here are four new features that help renters act faster during the search process and focus only on those rentals that match their needs:

  • Multiple Location Search (currently available): Now available on the Zillow app, the multi-location search feature makes the rental search experience more flexible. Users can find available rentals in up to five different areas at once, allowing them to compare homes and find the one that best suits their needs and budget. It also gives users the option to easily filter the list on the map or all in the same result source. Additionally, users can save their multi-location searches and opt-in to receive email and push notifications along with results and suggestions. Bike Score
    ® FEATURES(CURRENTLY AVAILABLE): Zillow listings now include bike ratings to help renters more easily gauge whether a rental is right for their lifestyle. The Bike Score measures the rideability of a rental on a scale of 1 to 100, based on four components: the presence or absence of nearby bike paths and trails, local hills, destination and road connectivity, and the number of people currently cycling in the area. Homes with the highest scores (those with a rating of 90-100) are ‘cyclists’ paradise’, meaning everyday errands can be done by bike. On the other end of the spectrum are homes rated “somewhat bike-friendly” with scores below 50 and the least bike infrastructure.
    Tenant Profile In-App Update (Technology in Development) : Soon, on the Zillow app More upgrades are coming to the Zillow Renter Hub. Users will be able to update their profile with an overview of their tenant qualifications such as CV, employment, income and credit scores, as well as their desired move-in date and lease term, as well as any amenities they are seeking. Editable renter profiles will allow users to showcase their unique selves to potential landlords when they search, helping them find the best rental for them faster. This feature is currently available on desktop and mobile web.
  • car – Complete and Guided Search (Technical Development): in When browsing homes on Zillow, users are currently presented with suggestions for areas and addresses to fill in as they type. This experience is being improved to suggest popular criteria in specific locations that might fit their needs. For example, for customers in densely populated areas such as Seattle, “On-Site Parking” may be recommended. For shoppers in warmer areas such as Phoenix, “air conditioning” may be recommended. This helps shoppers more easily consider and focus on the home features that are most important to them.

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