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Report: 50% of iPhones may be made in India by 2027

Back in September, a JP Morgan report said that Apple could move up to 15% of iPhone production to India 2027 Now a new South China Morning Post article suggests that share could rise to 25% 2027. Apple has reportedly reduced orders for iPhone components from its Chinese suppliers, which in turn has negatively impacted its earnings forecast and share price.

Report: 50% of all iPhones could be made in India by 2027

India currently accounts for only 5% of all iPhone production despite a push to assemble including iPhones just weeks after production started in China 01 including newer models. Rumor has it that Apple will start producing the iPhone 15 series simultaneously in China and India.

Apple pushes to shift its iPhone production from China to other product portfolios as more AirPods and MacBooks are made in Vietnam instead of China.




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