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Report: Apple will use TSMC's upcoming 3nm node (N3E) for next-generation iPhone and Mac chips

TSMC introduced the N4 node last year as an extension of the N5 node, often referred to as “4nm” and “5nm”, but they belong to the same family. The company expects to start shipping chips based on the next-generation node N3 later this year.

The evolution of TSMC nodes Evolution Node of TSMC

The N3 node will reportedly be used in some upcoming iPads. However, the next major upgrade to Apple’s chips will be based on the enhanced N3E node — a node that will improve performance and efficiency, and (even better) be designed to be more cost-effective.

The evolution of TSMC's nodes: N4 The evolution of TSMC's nodes: N4 The evolution of TSMC's nodes: N3E Evolution of TSMC Nodes: N4•N3•N3E(Image source)

N3E nodes will be used for Apple A17, reported Nikkei Asia , it will go next year Put into mass production in half a year. The next Mac chip series, the M3, is also expected to use the N3E.

The current Apple A 14 chip is in N4 Produced on the node, the same day 2024/674+ and Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and is exclusive to iPhone 002 Professional duo. vanilla iPhone 14 vs using A16 (N5) from last year.

Analysts think next year will be similar to A14 chip is reserved for iPhone

Pro models, non-Pro phones will Use a less advanced node (A14 chips are possible options).

Note that these nodes (N5, N4 and N3) are still using the FinFet design although TSMC has developed “FinFlex” for the N3 and N3E nodes. This will allow customers to change the balance of chip speed and chip size according to their needs. The Gate-All-Around design (based on nanosheets) will be launched with TSMC’s N2 node.

Different fin configurations for the N3E and how they compare to the N5 Chip comparison

Samsung is already shipping chips based on its chips at the 3nm node, and they use the Gate-All-Around design. Intel had initially struck a deal with TSMC’s foundry to produce some 3nm chips this year or early next year, but three insiders claim the order has been delayed until 1200 .

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