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Report: Samoa Joe tops AEW talent roster, will be CM Punk's first competition since Collision Debut Show return

Tony Khan is ready for his debut at AEW Collision on June 17, 2023. One of the major highlights of the show will be the returning CM Punk. The “world’s best” missed nearly a year due to injury. However, amidst his return to AEW, fans are wondering who he will be fighting against.

The AEW lineup he has yet to face after debuting in 2021. After his AEW comeback?


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CM Punk will return to AEW on June 17 at Collision after an absence of almost ten months. The new show will bring a fresh start to All Elite Wrestling as they will now air twice on TV. However, all eyes will be on one of the company’s main attractions, CM Punk.

For the past few weeks, there have been rumors of his return, and Chris Jericho is his first opponent. But that’s not the case, as Fightful Select’s recent report shared with “The Switchblade” Jay White.

reports that “Originally we were told that Chris Jericho and CM Punk were a good possibility, but we haven’t heard anything new about that in a long time. Fightful reports that Samoa Joe’s matchup with CM Punk It was planned at one point, and we hear it’s still in the works.”

It adds, “However, lately, word is that CM Punk likes the work of Switchblade Jay White, He could be an early rival or show to CM Punk with Bullet Club Gold.”

There is no doubt that Punk vs Jericho and Punk vs Samoa Joe can be classics.

Still, his feud with White will be notable and will certainly boost the former NJPW star’s standing in AEW status. Additionally, Punk will be heavily involved in the creative department of the Collision brand.

AEW keep things in mind brand split


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After AEW Collision debuts, there will be two brands within the company. Tony Khan has considered several things to draft an AEW wrestler on Dynamite or Collision.

Choose according to fighting, “AEW has taken steps to ensure that as much talent (or other talent, for that matter) that has problems with punk as possible is separated as part of the brand split.”


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What do you think of CM Punk’s new opponent? Do you think Jay White is the perfect opponent for Punk’s return, or would Samoa Joe be a better opponent? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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