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Report shows C-level executives tend to overestimate cloud maturity

According to new ClearDATA 2022 report, executives and top management differ significantly in how they assess their organization’s cloud-based cybersecurity and how secure they really are , “A false sense of cybersecurity.”

why it matters

despite the high risk of data – this An Austin-based cloud provider with extensive hacking experience in healthcare found not only that the healthcare leaders it surveyed were overly optimistic, but many large vendor organizations outsourced their security and compliance.

Among 200 IT, security and compliance leaders from hospitals and health systems, 85 % are confident in their cloud security and compliance programs.

“While many providers believe their cloud infrastructure is safe and secure, the truth is they still have A long way to go to meet the minimum t ClearDATA researchers report.

Many offers Business report shows that it is difficult to manage security and compliance on your own. Continued digitization of patient data is a factor, with 33% of respondents fully outsourcing in the cloud. Those with larger teams and more funding report being able to further Adopt cloud computing.

To prevent data breaches, protect against ransomware and phishing, and comply with regulations​​​ Demand, 71% of surveyed healthcare IT leaders say cybersecurity budgets will grow in 2022.

Although they report being prepared or “completely prepared” for a security event, many are still not adopting industry best practices – including multi-factor authentication for backing up data and passwords.

Few have a hierarchical cybersecurity policy or take steps to secure IoT, despite 58% performing simulations Practice breaches regularly. The rest rarely or never do. Only 49% of respondents monitor third-party access to data.

Cybersecurity is also a top priority 56% of respondents said it is a stumbling block preventing mid-sized organizations from undertaking digital transformation. Other cloud adoption barriers cited include budget (35%), Data management (32%), compliance (32%) and lack of expertise (17%).

“These results underscore the complexity of navigating cloud migrations, especially the cumulative cybersecurity impact of each new digital technology that providers add — all of which may not be equipped to manage themselves,” said the smaller providers. ClearDATA researchers report .

Overall, 47% of respondents said they use a combination of internal and external expertise to ensure security and compliance.

“Going forward, every provider must implement the fundamentals of cybersecurity blocking and resolution within their organization and seek external support from cloud experts as needed to effectively Chris Bowen, founder and chief information security officer of ClearDATA, modernizing its healthcare : in a prepared statement.

major trend

With cybersecurity budgets at all-time highs, many healthcare providers are focusing on Take steps to protect patient data and their organizations from cyberattacks.

While healthcare is challenged by cloud adoption, cloud tools detect, prevent And addressing privacy and security breaches can serve as a shield against cyberattacks. However, while the cloud offers the opportunity to improve patient outcomes by driving faster innovation and reducing costs, healthcare Healthcare and all its tangible assets, such as medical equipment, often operate in a hybrid cloud state with evolving security risks. Securing the complexity of hybrid cloud , there are blind spots between infrastructure, possible Expose healthcare organizations to external data breaches and other attacks.
Working with external organizations in a multi-cloud environment requires a significant risk assessment. Using cloud services and introducing cloud-enabled medical devices into the healthcare ecosystem requires teams to understand data risk at every stage—processing, transmitting, and storing data.

in record

“Healthcare is modernizing faster than ever, moving to the cloud and enjoying the many benefits of digital health,” Bowen said. “However, healthcare providers are new to the cloud computing space, and the industry has a long way to go to achieve the basic level of security needed to keep patient data safe.”

Andrea Fox is a senior editor at Healthcare IT News.

Email: [email protected]

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