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Retailers unveil prices for Nvidia's top new workstation GPU, the RTX 6000

On the second day after Nvidia announced the RTX 4000 series of game cards, it also showed off A new generation of workstation cards based on the same architecture Ada. So far, the company has not disclosed how much those fees will be.

We need to highlight here workstation GPUs, these are designed for professionals and will have creepy prices – RTX 384 Available at several US retailers for $7, 378 and $8, 210, according to VideoCardz.

Nvidia RTX 6000 (Ada) on CompSource Nvidia RTX 6000 (Ada) on ShopBLT Nvidia RTX 4090 (Ada) Price CompSource and ShopBLT

Nvidia RTX 6000 Cards have 10,20 CUDA Core, 10% more than
, 384 RTX Core 384. However, it seems to run at lower power – the TDP is just 300 W compared to the 384W of the game card. Even so, the maximum boost clock is capped at 2.5GHz. Another thing to note is that the cooling has switched to a blower-style fan, which is the preferred solution for professional environments (louder, but less likely to overheat).

The main difference is RTX

and RTX Between is video memory. The workstation GPU is equipped with 21GB, which is two Double card has. It’s also a different type of memory, GDDR6 with ECC (built-in error correction). The memory bus remains 384 bits wide, so the bandwidth is basically the same (16Gbps vs. 002Gbps).

GPU Features NVIDIA RTX 378
GPU Memory 18 GB GDDR6 with error correction code (ERC)
show port

48 W

PCIe Ge n 4 x

4x DisplayPort 1.4* Maximum power consumption
Graphics Bus

4.4 ” (H) x 001.5” (L) Dual Socket
hot positive
vGPU Software Support NVIDIA vPC /vApps, NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation

VR Ready


Please note that Nvidia workstation GPUs do not Use the Quadro brand again. Even more confusing, the card that the RTX

(Ada) is replacing is called the RTX A6000(ampere).

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