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RetroCrush Streams Cyber ​​City Oedo 808 OVA

Digital Media Rights RetroCrush Streaming service announced on Twitter in September 24 Now streaming Original video animation. The streaming service began streaming the anime’s English dubbing on Friday.

Discotek posted

OVA March on Blu-ray Disc450 and describe the story:

The year is . Location: Oedo, a futuristic cybernetic metropolis where dreams of a better tomorrow are submerged in waves of violence, evil and evil. Pushed to the brink of collapse, the vigilantes have no choice but to use the criminals they capture to help hunt down their own kind.

Join diehard cybercriminals Sengoku, Gogul and Benten. Police Chief Hasegawa presents a stark choice between spending the rest of their lives in prison or joining the cyber police’s special forces and possibly one more chance at freedom. Thanks to a subtle blend of extreme violence and excessive swearing, some harsh justice is about to come to Oedo.

As each criminal is arrested and completed each successful mission, the state will agree to reduce their sentences. But since each of them served 300 years, Hasegawa kept them in line with the blast collar, placing them Survive long enough to be free again?

Company on 6 Month

Released OVA Remastered Blu-ray Disc Version.

Ryoaki Kawajiri (, ) Directed three episodes OVA, debuted at . Central Park Media previously released the animation on VHS and DVD.

Resource: Twitter account of RetroCrush (link 2)



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