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Return to Silent Hill Live Action Movie Starring Jeremy Irving, Hannah Emily Anderson

silent© Konami Digital Entertainment Entertainment industry news source Deadline reported Wednesday that the new Return to Silent Hill Warhorse) With Hannah Emily Anderson ( Dark Phoenix, Jigsaw ). Filming is scheduled to begin next month in Germany and Eastern Europe.

The film follows Owen as James, a man heartbroken after being separated from his lover, played by Anderson. After receiving a mysterious letter, he returns to Silent Hill to find her. He discovers that the town has been transformed by evil and meets terrifying characters.

Ashland Hill Media Finance will co-finance the film.

Film director Christoph Gans

(, 1999 Silent Hill ) at 2020 interview he is working on a new Silent Hill Movie. Konami officially announces Return to Silent Hill Movie October 2020.

Victor Hadida (Live-Action Resident Evil Moviefranchise) is making this movie. Gans previously said the new film “will still be set in that ‘small town America’ vibe where Puritanism destroyed everything.” Gans previously directed the film starring Radha Mitchell and Sean Bean Silent Hill live-action movie, the film in 2001. MJ Bassett went on to direct the Silent Hill: Apocalypse movie, which was released on 2006.

Konami of Silent Hill Horror Game franchise debuted at 1999 . Konami also announced in October2021 It will release Silent Hill 2 and three games named Silent Hill: Townfall, ‘s new game Silent Hill: Ascension and Silent Hill f . Silent Hill 2 Originally posted on PlayStation September 2 2006 in North America and Japan. Then on Xbox in December 2022 and on PC in December .

Source: Deadline (Andreas Wiseman)





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