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Re:Zero’s 5th Arc Manga Adaptation Starts in February

The official Twitter account for Media Factory‘s Monthly magazine announced on Tuesday that the manga adaptation of the fifth arc “Stars that Engrave History” from Tappei Nagatsuki‘s original light novels will begin under the label of the ComicWalker website on February 19.

Image via Comic Alive’s Twitter

To celebrate the release, the first and third arc manga adaptations will be free to read on the website from February 5-19.

The manga recently adapted the fourth arc, “The Everlasting Contract,” which corresponds to volumes 10 to 15 of the original light novels. Haruno Atori and Yū Aikawa drew the manga adaptation of the fourth arc, which is titled Chapter 4: The Sanctuary and the Witch of Greed. The manga launched in Kadokawa‘s magazine in 2019. Kadokawa published the manga’s eighth compiled book volume (the 26th overall volume of all manga adaptations of the main light novel story) on August 22. Yen Press publishes the manga and released the seventh volume of Chapter 4 (the 24th overall volume) on December 12.

Daichi Matsuse penned the Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 manga adaptations, while Makoto Fugetsu penned Chapter 2. Yen Press released those arcs as well.

Source: ‘s Twitter account

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