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Rian Johnson Is 'Pushing' 'The Glass Onion' To Return To Theaters And Wants The Next Sequel To Be Longer

Rian Johnson is weighing the debate surrounding his latest film’s release strategy , The Glass Onion: The Mystery of the Knife Out of Sheath .

The director told Insider in a interview posted online Friday that he is pushing for His Wilderness Action sequel onceNetflix Movies began streaming on the platform in December 13. The new movie starring Daniel Craig has a limited theatrical run for a week starting in November

, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently admitted that the company left “a lot” of money on the table without giving It’s released more broadly, but the focus remains on the streaming business.

“Any theater we can get it in at any point, I’m working on it,” Johnson told the press. “I hope more people will have the opportunity to watch it.”

Johnson explained that it’s unclear whether theater chains would be willing to show the film over the holidays after its Netflix debut corridor. “Once the service is live and theaters are available, we’re exploring what form that could take,” he continued. “I’ll take as much as I can. But a lot of it has to do with what the theater is willing to do, what makes sense.”

In the first After Knockout Lionsgate at 2019, Netflix Choose to book Glass Onion North American theaters for a week in less than . An insider connected to the theater owner previously told The Hollywood Reporter that the sequel could earn around $ between .7 million dollars 13 1 million domestically during the five-day Thanksgiving holiday.

In his conversation with Insider, Johnson confirmed that reports of movie box office numbers were accurate Yes, he credits Netflix for giving the film the box office it has earned. However, Johnson also made it clear that he wants the third Knives Out movie to have more time in theaters, and Netflix is ​​ready to handle it.

“We were very interested in how it would perform,” the filmmaker said of Glass Onion’ When said box office. “We want it to do really well for a lot of reasons. I think for me because I really want to show that this can happen and it can be a huge success. And when it goes live, people will still Show up, and it has a big impact on service. Those two things complement each other. Because next time I want more. I want more theaters. I want longer hours.”




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