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Ribbons! Lace! Necklace bag!Enter the accessories era

Some of the funniest combinations of embellished handbags have a DIY sensibility. Take Paris-based content creator Lara Violetta Giller’s fluffy avocado green Margiela bag, which is finished with lace trim and mini ballerinas. “I was trying to find something that was already in the house and make it really feel like me,” she said. “So, I used a piece of lace, some pins, a miniature ballerina (it used to be my key chain) and a ‘Figa’ lucky charm.”

But this is perhaps the most It’s an interesting trend that a lot of people are citing Jane Birkin as the inspiration behind it. As a result, countless videos have been born over the past few months honoring the likes of Jane Birkin adorning her bag as a new generation discovers pictures of her for the first time. The icon helped design the infamous Birkin bag at 1983 and has been known to personalize it with colorful cords, key chains, jewelry and even a bite or two from her cat her bag. “I started a few months ago because I saw a picture of a Jane Birkin,” says Violetta. “She adorned it with pearls, string, little bells and lots of different lucky charms. It made the notorious bag so personal and cool.”

Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg at 70

GIRIBALDI/Getty Images

Jane Birkin and her accessory Birkin

Jun Sato2013

For others, the mass appeal of thrift and upcycling has to do with putting found items into everyday bags. “I use old and recycled materials to upcycle clothes, so it’s natural for me to apply reuse techniques to everyday objects,” explains Mahea Firestine, who incorporates everything from vintage tamale to Byzantine-inspired necklaces. Add to that the oversized handbags, also inspired by Jane Birkin. “It’s a great way to make the most of what you have while expressing yourself and thinking outside the box. I love anything in metal as they add a luxurious look; pendants, bracelets, necklaces, waist chains, belts I’m also happy to add things I loved when I was younger, like Betty Boop keychains and bows.”

Trend forecaster Jessica Richards puts this The phenomenon is described as “representing the continual desire of people” to be recognized collectively by individuality. ” Although people have been adding individualistic touches to their clothing for centuries – especially in times when subcultures flourished, such as those of the ’70 Punk – this feels a little different than it used to. “We see a lot of decorations that are associated with ‘cute culture’, paying homage to the optimism and feel-good spirit of many nostalgic trends; we see talismans of protection and safety, For example crystal. ”




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