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Richert Beil Berlin Fall 2024

Even during the preparations for their show, the duo behind Richert Beil could sense that their 10th anniversary was going to be a little different. The label’s model casting has always been one of the most diverse at Berlin Fashion Week, but this year they worked mainly with older women who were supposed to honor and convey the idea of cross-generational fashion and the style of grandmothers. “Our atelier is a bit out of town and a little tricky to get to by public transport. The first lady arrived about an hour early for her fitting,” Jale Richert said before the show. “It was particularly important to us to find the right person and character for each look. We already had these fictional characters in mind when designing—and luckily we found the right person to tell each story.”

Because of their anniversary, pieces that have accompanied the two designers since their debut were reworked. This signature sportswear mingled harmoniously with further developments of outerwear. Blazers became wool coats, coats became maxi dresses with detachable skirt sections, the hems of trouser legs were given the collars and breast pockets of trucker jackets. But it’s not just patterns that have always been treated in a sustainable way at Richert Beil. A particular highlight of the show was a patchwork dress made out of leather from old saddles, while other equestrian elements such as horse harnesses were mixed in with the accentuated zips and carefully selected hardware. “There’s a shop with the best denim buttons in New York’s Garment District,” said Michele Beil, talking about sourcing. The label’s most expected aesthetic—knicker details and nods to heritage underwear—broke up even the most formal tailoring looks and completed a show that worked across generations, both on the catwalk and in the audience.



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