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Richie Shazam in New York Fashion Pride

There was no shortage of exciting festivities at NYCPRIDE this past weekend, whether it was the plethora of glitzy fashion parties (brands like Diesel and J. Aguilera (Christina Aguilera performed here) ), or the iconic annual Pride Parade. A weekend calendar requires an impressive wardrobe of personality. Pride is actually a fashion show, after all. Does anyone have a good understanding of the peculiarities of this task? Model Richie Shazam, spent the weekend in style and captured the best moments exclusively for Vogue.

As a native New Yorker, Shazam knows what it takes to pull off a successful Pride weekend. The model said that this year’s Pride campaign was designed to “celebrate our strength, our voices and our resilience. No matter what adversity comes our way, we will overcome it together.” To do so, she joined Julia Fox and Brianna Anda Luo and other close friends participated in some activities together. “I am so grateful to be able to celebrate with my chosen family and each other,” Shazam said. “Our existence is a form of protest and we must continue to create space for each other.”

Shazam headlined the weekend with the debut of her new Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance ad. The model attended a gala dinner hosted by Edition to celebrate the product launch and aboard the entire JPG-themed parade float for Sunday’s parade. “Celebrating, dancing and screaming on the Jean Paul Gaultier float with my family was truly one of the best experiences of my life and something I will never forget, especially as a native New Yorker and with my people Together,” Shazam said. “It was a crazy feeling to make our faces bigger on the double-decker bus.”

Given that Shazam filmed and directed the event himself, it was a special moment to see such a large-scale event. “We put an incredible amount of work into making this a reality,” Shazam said. “Thank you to our JPG family for giving us this opportunity, whether it’s behind the scenes or starring in advocacy campaigns; giving trans artists a platform to visually tell our stories and inspire our community, they can do the same One point matters.”

However, the celebrations didn’t stop there. Shazam also participated in the LadyLand Music Festival and hosted a special Instagram Live conversation about pride and mental health in the heart of downtown. Throughout, Shazam opted for a colorful look for the event, all with energy and optimism. “My look is beautiful, and a delicate Jean Paul Gaultier silhouette is a strong statement,” says Shazam. Among other looks, she wore a Y/Project x Jean Paul Gaultier suit printed with a light yellow trompe l’oeil print. “My sister, Briana Andalore, styled me, and my dear friends, John Novotny and Julian Stoller, did my hair and makeup,” says Shazam. “Bringing my inner Gaultier doll to life!”

Below, we take a closer look at Shazam’s pride weekend, and all the amazing looks she wore to it.



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