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Richie Shazam's debut album 'SHAZAM' is a minimalist fantasy

What was it like to create images?

There are endless [works], and [works] don’t even make the cut. When you create a space of infinite possibilities, your mind can go wild. That’s what I wanted to capture in it. My best friend — my soul sister — Brianna did all the styling. I have a lot of incredible hair and makeup artists working on this book. They are an important part of my storytelling. It’s such a beautiful, chaotic mix of incredibly personal.

I really got into the key to work. Usually when we’re on set there are a lot of constraints and I don’t want that. I want everyone to wear multiple hats and be very collaborative. I also want to honor them by honoring their efforts and their abilities.

Picture: Richie Shazam for IDEA

Is there an image you are particularly proud of?

I think some of my favorite images are some of the last shots we [made] – I am the Statue of Liberty. We reinterpreted it so wildly that things caught fire and I was in a big pile of crap in the middle of the street. You can’t see anything until it’s printed, and when I saw that photo it made me feel like it was my love letter to the city I love so much. We all have such powerful stories, and that one image felt like it encapsulated a lot of who I am in visual form.



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