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Ring Intercom Gives Your Doorbell a Smart Home Upgrade

Ring Intercom on wall

Ring Intercom on wall Chris Burns/SlashGear

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Ring is making walkie-talkies smarter with its latest home security product, which isn’t just designed to attract visitors. Ring, the Amazon-backed company, has been offering a line of smart home security accessories for nearly a decade. Its Ring Protect package equips the home with a variety of smart and practical security measures that work well together. The bundles come with equipment that can improve or completely replace common home fixtures such as doorbells, alarms, locks, and even physical keys. However, smart security technology goes beyond simply hardening homes to keep potential threats out.

Of course, Ring’s security system helps keep strangers out, and sometimes even intentional Unexpectedly interesting results, but what about the others? That’s where Ring’s new walkie-talkie comes in — it’s a smart home plug-in that not only helps you identify and communicate with anyone at your door, but also lets you decide who can enter your humble abode. Contrary to what its name might suggest, a ring walkie-talkie is not a complete replacement for your typical field communication system. Instead, it complements it by adding some neat smart safety features to the mix.

What are the characteristics of the ring walkie-talkie?
Ring Intercom on wall Chris Burns/SlashGear

In a press release, Ring revealed how its walkie-talkies will upgrade its legacy radios. For starters, access your home from anywhere using the intercom’s remote unlock feature through the Ring app. It can also “automatically verify” that certain people enter your home under certain conditions. For example, prospective guests can use the digital key you provide to gain access to your tablet, while Amazon delivery drivers can only gain access during the allotted time period you specify. When used with the Ring app, users can keep tabs on things like walkie-talkie interactions and remote access usage, and they can even take back access from friends who frequently interrupt their “my time.”

Now Ring’s products are known for integrating well with other smart home accessories, as are their walkie-talkies The same goes for Alexa-enabled devices that “work seamlessly” with certain smart home accessories. This enables hands-free intercom access for nearby users. While it does require charging, not to mention that the existing interworking system is just to function, at least it doesn’t require any additional subscription to use it. As for pricing, Ring Intercom costs £119.99 ($139) on its own, or £149.99 ($174) with a Quick-Release charging station and extra battery pack. Available in the UK from September 28th, with shipments from October 26th. U.S. buyers, on the other hand, will have to wait until next year.



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