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'Ring of Power' star Murphy Clark on how humility will play 'big role' in Galadriel's evolution

While Galadriel has become one of the most recognizable characters in the Lord of the Rings universe, credits in part to her being created by Cate Blanchett and Morfyd Clark gravitate to the dignified imagery of younger versions of the characters Because she still has jagged edges.

at Amazon The Lord of the Rings: Ring of Power , Clark depicts elven warriors in the Second Age of Middle-earth, thousands of years before the Third Age, and events in the famous Peter Jackson movies. Galadriel herself has been in the series for hundreds of years and has embarked on a quest to defeat Sauron, one of the series’ big villains, but her evolution is young and hasn’t found peace yet and hasn’t learned how to control own temper.

On Thursday’s third episode, Clark is a Welsh actress best known for her role as a compulsive hospice nurse in the psychological thriller Saint Maud, said she especially enjoyed showing Galdriel’s surprising arrogance while standing in front of the royal family, as the only elf on Númenor, which was A human kingdom that tends to oppose her kind.

“I’m interested in people who aren’t right,” Clark said.

Clark, a self-proclaimed fan, says she’s seen the original Lord of the Rings movie “dozens of times,” she says she didn’t talk to Bran Chet talked about the role because it was “like meeting Galadriel herself,” but used her imagery in the film to help her character evolve from a combative warrior to a wise ruler.

The actress, who filmed the first season of almost two years in New Zealand with a large cast, says she doesn’t yet know all the details of her character’s development (Amazon has Commitment to five seasons of the series), but know the rough arc.

“Humility will be a big part of her trajectory, I would say, know your limits,” she said.

Clark has been throwing a viewing party with friends to watch new episodes, and he talks to The Hollywood Reporter about what it’s taking Measures become Galadriel, from swimming and combat training to balancing the character’s innocence with her immortality.

I heard you didn’t find yourself playing the role of Galadriel until very late, didn’t you? correct?

I didn’t realize I was playing Galadriel until I arrived in New Zealand to shoot. So it’s a pretty big recalibration. But part of me doesn’t know if I’d still be nervous if I knew I’d been auditioning for Galadriel. Everyone is in the same boat. So it’s interesting because you have a bunch of people who have all moved to New Zealand and don’t know what we’re doing.

Did you know you’re auditioning for one of the elves?

They don’t explicitly say it’s a genie, but due to being very obsessed with Lord of the Rings, I kinda decipher it is. But they just said they wanted someone with Shakespeare experience because they thought the genie spoke almost in a pentameter iambic-type rhythm.

After knowing that, how did you get started with this character?

I have always been obsessed with the idea of ​​immortality. I think it started with Never, Neverland, and then Vampires or something. Then there is this idea, can you still have the element of youth after being thousands of years old? Then there is the study of how different people at different times in history displayed their innocence.

Elves, they have an arrogance because they are superior in some ways, but in the end they have to gain some perspective. So my focus is on what mistakes even the smartest people make.

Are you already a Lord of the Rings fan into this?

I have seen all the movies. My dad read me The Hobbit and then I have audiobooks of all Lord of the Rings books. I had four fantasy series that kept me asleep throughout the school exam period and it made me very nervous. So this has been an escape for me, for most of my life: fantasy, but especially TheLord of the Rings.

You’ve apparently seen Cate Blanchett’s portrayal of Galadriel in the movie. What did you learn from watching her character? It was her tranquility in the Third Age. It’s really interesting to me to imagine that my character isn’t fully inclusive yet, because I also feel like when anyone is going through a chain of feelings all over the place, you don’t feel like the serenity is going to be in your grasp. So that serenity is right It’s also a surprise for the character.

In episode 2, we saw your character make other things that don’t join the Immortals of Valinor The elves are stranded at sea after a critical decision. What was it like shooting those waterscapes?

This is so much fun. First I have to learn how to swim properly because unfortunately when playing Galadriel she has to be good at everything. So I actually have a former Olympic swimmer named Trent Bray who now teaches kids, and it couldn’t be more perfect for me. Charlie [Vickers] and I actually did a lot, but we also had swimming doubles and stunt doubles. So it’s a huge team effort.

Did you do a lot of your own stunts in the rest of the episodes?

It varies. There were places where I was on camera with my main double, Rosalie, because it made Galadriel look super fast. Also, there was a fight in episode five where I did everything. I can’t believe I have to do this.

We have the widest stunt team and they are the first people we meet in New Zealand. They really created a little community for us. So there is a stunt hall where individuals can learn their stunts, but anyone can show up. As such, it became a real center for the actors to get to know each other.

The crew issued a statement spoke out against racist remarks made against certain actors in the series. Is there anything else you would like to say about this, or can you talk about the decision to issue that statement?

I think we have made our position clear with that statement. I’m really glad we finally did it as a whole. We are all united and know what we want to do. I hope it gives people some comfort and also gives people some strength.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.



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