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RM on artistry, collaborations and his first solo album 'Indigo'

There is always a deadline for RM’s debut. The BTS leader has topped the charts for the better part of a decade, but today’s release of Indigo, a 10-track pays homage to his and sees him stepping into the global spotlight on his own. Fans have been waiting for a full-fledged RM project since his self-titled mixtape at 2015, but this solo moment comes at just the right time for the introspective star. “Currently, I’m 30 Korean and I want to share my first official album before switching to 30,” he told Fashion. “[This] represents my growth as a person and as an artist.”

While RM has achieved international star status under the leadership of 20 The biggest boy group in the world, his upbringing is unique. Still, on tracks like “Still Life” and “Lonely,” he delves into themes everyone can recognize—loneliness, longing, regret. Although he has given audiences glimpses into his inner world before, RM sees his debut record as uniquely personal. “When I’m making a mixtape, I’m more focused on expressing my own ideas or tastes, so I don’t leave enough room for the listener to digest them,” he says. “Indigo still explores my emotions and learning through my experiences.” He hopes the shift to more intimate storytelling will resonate with his audience. “It’s more open in a way that people can easily relate to,” he said. “[Indigo] represents my 20 and documents my growth as a person and artist.”

Sharing these stories means expanding sonically so that each song truly conveys the underlying message of the lyrics. Already well versed in mixing rap and pop, RM pushed himself to explore other styles as well. “Usually, when I start making music, I have a specific concept or genre in mind. But this time, I just focused on each track,” says RM. “I thought about what would work best for each song [and] how to put them together into an album. The result is an eclectic collection of music that reflects my thoughts and experiences. Many older fans may find this The album is new and unexpected. [First,] Eight of the 10 tracks feature the artist. Second, all 10 Tracks have their own genres, not just pop or hip-hop.”

Capturing the highs and lows of music for an entire decade, RM collaborated with collaborators from around the world, according to Pick them up for the unique talents of artists like Anderson Paak and Kim Sawol. “My focus is not to put so many genres on the album, but to experiment with new sounds. I want to explore different types of music, whether it’s folk, rock or urban pop, and digest them in the right way so that it doesn’t It will just end up as an ‘experiment’,” he said. “I reached out to artists that I thought could add more fullness to the song, a richer sound or frequency.”

Familiarity with their discography made the process easier. “When I made ‘Wildflower’, I immediately thought of Cherry Filter’s Youjeen and her stunning voice,” he says. “She’s undeniably one of the top rock singers in Korea. She’s number one for me. So, I called her and told her it had to be her.”

Same , after RM began to think about who could deliver catchy tracks, the idea of ​​casting R&B legend Erykah Badu in honor of the late Korean artist Yun Hyong-keun arose. “I needed someone like her with such an influence and a long history in the music industry,” he said. “Her soulful voice [may] have persuasively conveyed Yun’s lifelong message [namely] that you should be a human being before engaging in art.”

As a pioneer of the Dansaekhwa art movement , Yun’s stark, large-scale paintings are meditations on natural forms and materials. The artist’s estate dictates the title and content of the album. “Indigo is one of my favorite colors, and it’s the color Yun used in his early work,” said RM, who finds inspiration in the artist’s perseverance and the way he translates life experiences into his creations. “Yun had a lot of hardships during his lifetime, [including] a near-death experience during the Korean War,” he said. “His black paintings reflect the anguish and emotions he felt while suffering. That’s why there’s something very delicate and beautiful about his signature black. For a man who suffered so much, his art The work and message made me feel real and resonated with me more deeply.”

Art that inspiredIndigo may be serious, but The mood of the album is uplifting. An addictive blend of rock, pop, hip-hop and funk, it’s just a taste of what RM has in store for the future. “I’m already taking the next step with my new music; I can feel it’s going to be different,” he said. Still, with Indigo hitting streaming platforms and record stores today, there’s plenty to enjoy right now. “I want people to feel comfortable and authentic when listening to this album,” said RM. “If this album or any of the songs on it give them a moment to think about their lives and be happy, I’d be very grateful.”



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