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Rob Manfred: After Aaron Judge's 62, fans should 'make their own judgement' on HR title

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MLB commissioner Rob Manfred won’t change the record for home runs in a single season, but he believes fans can add whatever context they want after Aaron Judge hits 62 home runs this season.

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MLB commissioner Rob Manfred joins @Espngreeny in reaction to Aaron Judge’s 62nd home

“This is a monumental achievement and I think it will stand the test of time.”

“I think there have been different eras in the history of the game , the ball behaves differently, the equipment is different, and I think the best way to deal with it is to let the fans decide for themselves which records are most important to them,” Manfred said on ESPN
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Judge set an American League record with 62 home runs in a season, surpassing New York Yankees slugger Roger Maris. He’s still 11 shy of Barry Bonds’ all-time record set in 2001, but some fans want this season to be removed from the record books amid allegations he took performance-enhancing drugs.

Mark McGwell and Sammy Sosa also hit 61 home runs in a season, Although they are all closely related to the use of PED.

Maris’ son Roger Maris Jr. calls Judge the ‘clean home run king’ and calls for U.S. Major League Baseball set a separate record.

“Baseball should consider making two separate home run records,” Maris tweeted. “PED home run and home run. Baseball commissioner established a single home run record in 1961. Babe Ruth is known as the home run king with 60. Roger Maris (Roger Maris) had 61 points in 162 games.”

Babe Ruth initially set the record in 154 games, And Maris’ 162-game total was marked with an asterisk until those records were combined in 1991.

Manfred apparently doesn’t plan to create a separate list, saying the records will “say what they say” but said fans can keep ” History background” .”



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