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Rob Manfred responds to Pete Rose's latest Hall of Fame request

Pete Rose’s latest attempt to reinstate MLB included a letter he wrote to commissioner Rob Manfred, pleading for his Hall of Fame eligibility to be reinstated.

“I am writing today for three reasons,” Ross wrote to Manfred via TMZ. “First, because at my age, I want to be 100% sure you understand what I mean when I say I’m sorry. Second, ask for your forgiveness. Third, because I still think about what it means to be in the Hall of Fame every day.”

A week later, Manfred responded to Rose’s plea, explaining that Rose would remain banned from the league. However, the commissioner left the subject of the Hall of Fame to Cooperstown.

“I believe, from an MLB standpoint, that when you bet on baseball, you are on the permanent ineligible list,” Manfred from Evan Drellich of The Athletic said.

“The last time I dealt with this issue when he filed for reinstatement, I made it clear that I don’t think that baseball roster functions the same way as hall eligibility criteria. Reputation …that’s still where I stand. I think it’s a conversation that really belongs on a Hall of Fame board. I’m on that board, it just doesn’t suit me to be in front of [those conversations].”

Ross in 1989 Indefinitely banned for betting on matches while he was playing and managing the Reds in the mid-80s. As a result, the all-time MLB hit leader never appeared on the Cooperstown ballot.

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