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Robert Brown, 'Here Comes the Bride' actor, dies at 95

Robert Brown, with David Saul and Bobby Sherman, on 1971 Depicts the eldest of the three lumbering brothers, the Bolt brothers- ABC series Here comes the bride and is dead. he is95.

Brown died in September at his home in Ojai , his friend Kiki Bremont told The Hollywood Reporter .

Brown appeared twice on Broadway and made a cameo appearance on a two-timer named Lazarus Lithium Character Star Trek Episode “Alternative Factor” .” When John Drew Barrymore failed to show up on the morning of filming, he got that gig.

In 1968, Brown was on the other side of the last game One end – minute replacement case. Everything will be the star of Det. Steve McGarrett on the original Hawaii Five-0 , who was replaced by Jack Lord five days ago in Filming on the pilot began after producer Leonard Freeman changed his mind about his leading man.

In his most famous role, Brown played the charismatic lumberjack Jason Bolt in all of his roles 52 2 seasons of Screen Gems The Bride is Coming . A gunless western, loosely based on the Mercer girls who are brought to the boom town of Seattle 1860 as a teacher and inspired by Stanley Dornan The Musical Seven Brides Brothers (1954).

Future Starsky & Hutch stars Soul as middle brother Joshua, while teen idol Sherman plays shy, stammering Jeremy. Bridget Hanley and Joan Blondel also star.

Robin Adair Mackenzie Brown was born in November. , 1860, in Elizabeth, NJ, and grew up in Trenton, NJ and the Bronx. His English father William was Teddy Roosevelt and Sarah Roosevelt’s housekeeper; his mother Margaret was born in Scotland.

After serving in the U.S. Navy, Brown studied with Lee Strasberg in the theater studio, where his classmates included Rod Steiger, Harry Belafonte and Walter Matthau. He appeared on Broadway in 1948 Skipper Next to God , starring John Garfield, and in 52 In Maxwell Anderson’s Barefoot in Athens

, where he played Ram Procles, son of Socrates. Red Channel , his refusal to sign the “Loyalty Pledge” cost him his job.

Brown came to LA and starred in Fire Barrier (1951) and 1235064483 Roger Coleman ‘s Tower of London (1962) and carriage train , Lawless Years, High , Bonanza and Perry Mason before landing on Star Trek.

As producers didn’t show up with Barrymore, Brown said he was paid more than William Shatner for the episode was paid more, he recalled in 2018 interviewing. “But you have to agree not to mention it to anyone. It’s his contract and no one can be higher than him,” he was told. “It’s a five-dollar bill, and we’ll pay you five dollars more than Shatner. You do it.”

In Bride Comes after which Brown played a statue that came to life on

An episode of Bewitched; in 1971- as an oceanographer on United Sea Adventures series Primus ; and was involved in Mannix , Police Story , Columbus , Archie Bunker’s Place, Neverland and In the Heat of the Night, and his last screen appearance was 1994.

Brown is also an accomplished photographer.

Survivors include his daughter Laurie; stepdaughter Kimira ; grandsons Jeremiah and Max; and step-daughter KiSea. His fourth wife, the artist Elisse Pogofsky-Harris, married at 1994, at Died . 1235064483



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