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Robert Whitaker on Luke Rockhold's retirement: 'He looks tired of fighting'

Former middleweight champion Luke Rockhold took off his gloves after his decision to lose to Paul Costa at UFC 278 and announced his withdrawal from the fight.

The 37-year-old Rockhold reached the top of the 185-pound class after winning Strikeforce and UFC middleweight titles during his career. Rockhold had not played for three years before being basketed against Costa. While Rockhold showed his tenacity, it was clearly not the same fighter he was when he won the championship.

Another former middleweight champion, Robert Whittaker, was asked about Rockhold’s retirement and career during the submission radio show.

“I think he’s had a very successful and amazing career. I think he’s an amazing fighter. But he’s doing exactly what he says afterwards. He looks bored. He looked tired of fighting. When he hit the first punch, you saw it. He was like, you know what, I really don’t want to do it again. It’s fair, fair,” Whittaker said.

Fans and fighters jumped in after Rockhold announced his retirement, and Whittaker felt it wasn’t fair.

“I think there are too many couch critics talking about fights and they don’t really understand how much [it takes] to pay. Especially when you’re always at the highs, lows, and you Been riding the waves for as long as he did, and you’ve done it all. He’s been in the game for a long time. He’s fought in Strikeforce, he’s been champion in Strikeforce, has belts, defends belts. To do this Everything, it’s hard, it’s hard. Anyone can fight once. But when you’re fighting a killer on a track in your late 30s for 10 years, it’s like, it doesn’t get easier, the competition never gets easier Easy. And I totally understand his provenance, I feel like a lot of what he says is true.

“You need to take it away and dissect it, just because obviously after the fight he Tired and just tired of this shit so you need to get through it a little bit. But yeah, I think he’s had a great career and he’s had enough,” Whitaker said.

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