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HomeSportRobert Whittaker dominates Marvin Vettori for another decisive win at UFC Paris

Robert Whittaker dominates Marvin Vettori for another decisive win at UFC Paris

The co-main event of the night was a middleweight duel between former champion Robert Whittaker and fan favorite Italian powerhouse Marvin Vittori. Both are looking for a chance to win the title.

Whitaker (No. 1), who is losing to defending champion Israel Adesanya, knows he might need a big, flashy win to get another chance at the title. Vitori emerged victorious in a decisive victory against Paulo Costa and could be considered Adesanya’s future opponent if Vitori proves himself at the UFC in Paris.

The first round was very close, both games had big moments, but neither had a clear winner. The second round played out in much the same way, but it seemed the former champion might have gotten the Vettori advantage on a strict kick basis.

The fight went into the third round again and the score was close, but with Vettori’s apparent injury and Whittaker’s heavy knockout, it seemed fairly obvious who would get the nod.

Fans were divided on social media over who would emerge victorious, but the judges were unanimous on Whitaker (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

“I know I made a lot of decisions, but I hit a lot. Thanks to him,” Whitaker said in the cage after his win.

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