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Robert Whittaker plans to 'destroy' everyone until he wins UFC title: 'I'm the demon of progress'

PARIS – Robert Whittaker once again proved he won’t be beaten in the middleweight title photo with a master performance at the UFC Fight Night 209 co-main event.

Whitaker (24-6 MMA, 15-4 UFC), the former UFC champion, defeated another top contender Saturday when he won by unanimous decision at the Accor Arena Vettori (18-6-1 MMA, 8-4-1 UFC) in France. It was the “Reaper” performance after losing to current champion Israel Adesanya at UFC 271 in February. At this stage in his career, he says he won’t let anyone stand in his way.

“I’m the demon of progress,” Whitaker told MMA Junkie and other reporters after the fight at UFC Fight Night 209. I’m still looking for that piece of gold. So I’m always lurking around and just destroying whoever they put in front of me until I get a chance to swallow that gold medal.

“I’m the most dangerous man in this division. Israel is the champion. He beat me twice. For that, he salutes him. He’s a great fighter, he really is And I think stylistically he’s a great fighter. I still think I’m the most dangerous guy in the division because I win. I win a lot, I make people hate fights, I get them out of fights. I That’s what it does. I’m in, I’m off to work.”

Adesanya is currently scheduled to fight Alex Pereira in the next title fight at UFC 281 in New York on November 12. Whitaker said he was indifferent to who would emerge victorious as long as he could fight them, but admitted his two defeats to Adesanya were something he wanted to salvage – and he thought the third encounter would be different.

“He beat me in the first bout and then the second bout was a very close decision,” Whitaker said. “I’m not sad about it, but it could be my victory another day. Mentally that’s huge. It’s hard to explain what it feels like to be knocked down like this and lose your belt. It sucks. There’s a little learning process after that. Take I’ve conquered most of them.”

The important thing Whitaker said was that he wasn’t waiting for the perfect opportunity. He just wants to fight meaningfully and has said he wants to fight if the UFC travels to his native Australia in early 2023.

“I’ve heard rumors of an Australian card,” Whitaker said. “I’d love to have a fight in my backyard. I think this is my next move.

For more information on the cards, visit MMA Junkie’s UFC Fight Night 209 Activity Center.



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