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Rock Band's Newest Post-Workout Cheat Meal Might Feed Whole Eaters

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Sunday Cheat The meal is quickly becoming legendary, and this week was no exception. If anything, he upped the ante, showing off his giant post-workout breakfast in a video on Instagram.

“I’m doing it big,” he said, turning the camera to reveal everything on the breakfast plate, including one made of no less than An omelet made with 12 eggs (three whole, nine white), half a dozen crispy turkey bacon, and a couple of cornbread muffins from a local restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee.

Then, with the help of the Johnson family’s personal chef, Janette Clark, he pan-eats a bunch of coconut-banana pancakes, aka Chef Puttie. After Johnson called Puttie’s pancakes the best he’s ever eaten on Instagram, she decided to share the recipe and launched her own brand, Simply PUTT. If you’re interested in trying out the Coconut Banana Pancakes recipe for yourself, Puttie shared the recipe with Men’s Health this year earlier .

“I made a fairly large pancake that [Johnson] could easily eat until four mornings when he was in the mood to go in,” she said. “I made him eight times before, just in case he was feeling super hungry. But I haven’t seen him finish eight.”

Hearty Breakfast ends with a plate of sweet Hawaiian breakfast cookies, which are also homemade. “Of course, when I see Homebrew, I mean Pillsbury, but it all counts!” Johnson joked, “There’s no chance of survival in any of this, by the way.”

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