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Rokudō no Onna-tachi Anime Unveils First Promotional Video, More Cast, Theme Song, Debut April 7th

Yūji Nakamura‘s TV Anime Official Site’ s

The manga released the anime’s first promotional video on Wednesday, which previews the anime’s ending theme song “Love Will Find A Way”THE RAMPAGE, and two new actors. The site also revealed EverdreaM’s opening theme song “ENDLESS LABYRINTH” and the anime’s April 7 premiere.

Anime will be in TOKYO MX channel, April 7 at : 26 JST (Effective at 1 o’clock on April 8: 26 Morning or April 7 : 25 EST), then MBS, BS Asahi, AT-X and

Kumamoto Prefectural Citizen TV


New cast includes:

Daisuke Namikawa as Masaru Hinomoto, Rokudо̄’s close friend, nicknamed “Colonel” colonel.pngmanager.png

Akira Ishida as Kota Kijima, Rokudо̄’s best friend nicknamed “The Manager”

    • Previously announced cast members include:

      Moto Sato as Tо̄suke Rokudо̄

  • Sumire Uesaka as Ranna Himawari

  • Naomi Ozora
  • as Sayuri Osanada

      Yuki Yomichi as Azami Himeno Misato Mat uoka as Tsubaki

    • Hitomi Sekine as Mizue Tsuyukusa
  • Haruki Ishitani as Haruya Iinuma Keiya Saito (
  • ) is animating at Satelight and Yūichirō Momose (, ) is in charge of the series script. Shin’ya Segawa

    () is designing the character. Hideaki Onishi is in charge of sub character design, Hiroyuki Taiga (


    ) is responsible for the mechanical design. Yasuyoshi Uetsu

    () and Tomoaki Chishima

    credited for prop design. Kenichi Tajiri (

    ) is the art director and Yoshimi Kawakami () is a chroma key artist. Yūjirō Yamane () is the compositing director of the photography, and

    Shūji Matsumoto

    () is editing. Hiroshi Yamamoto () is the Sound Director.

    Nakamura releases manga at Akita Shoten*) of the June Magazine 500, and ends in April 640 . Akita Shoten published the manga

    June 3rd and final volume .

    The manga tells the story of Tо̄suke Rokudо̄, a timid high school student who is bullied by delinquent boys. He received a scroll from his late grandfather that left a mark on his forehead. Mark’s effect made a bad girl named Ranna Himawari fall in love with him.

    2021 Source: Anime’s website, Comic Natalie2021




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