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Ronald van der Kemp Spring 2023 Haute Couture

Anyone who doesn’t believe sustainable fashion can be as glamorous as any non-sustainable fashion to walk the red carpet should check out Ronald van der Kemp The radical practice of upcycling and repurposing slow-moving goods. It is truly amazing what this passionate pioneer has achieved, turning high fashion fabrics recycled from trash into exquisite dresses. “It’s the Trashure plan,” he joked. “Turning textile waste into treasure.”

Today’s event (he didn’t want it to be labeled a “show”) began with guests entering the courtyard of the luxurious residence of the Dutch ambassador and walking through Thick smoke, ominous red lights and unsettling clanging walls, come to France. It is an obvious metaphor for chaos in the world. Van der Kamp is on a mission to keep us informed about the state of our crazy planet, because he has absolutely no intention of sinking with the ship. He is an unwavering optimist who believes in fashion’s ability to make things better.

“I think as designers or couturiers we have a lot of influence on how people behave because fashion is such a force today,” he said. “We have to use it responsibly and aggressively as a driver of change.” When he started sustainable design eight and a half years ago, he was thought crazy—an idealistic, delusional daydreamer. With the younger generation embracing his methods, he should have brought up the idea early on.

To shape today’s wardrobe 17, he gathered a group of friends in this “interesting group of people who share our values ​​and stand for what we stand for,” They wear collections made entirely from recycled or upcycled fashion fabrics, lace, trim, ribbons and various leather scraps, artfully turned into great show pieces. The actors are as imaginative as the clothes. Booked by Dutch model Marpessa Hennink and Broadway producer Jordan Roth, it includes a human rights lawyer working on discrimination and LGTBQIA+ issues, a contributor to an Amsterdam museum, a flamboyant Japanese fashion reporter, and a retired businesswoman from the United States. pharmaceutical industry. Ronald van der Kemp was clearly most interested in humanity.

Between quite a few upcycled pieces, three looks stand out in the in-house developed Trashure Trove fabric, an expandable project in which tiny scrap silk, Scraps of wire or leather are rewoven into shimmering new textiles. One was an asymmetrical miniskirt in multicolored leather with a metallic sheen; the other was a discarded black leather jacket in a highly imaginatively structured pair worn with an equally luxurious pair of black and gray jeans, The jeans were pierced, re-embroidered with string, and ornately embellished. The third sample was an asymmetrical one-shoulder dress made of a rainbow of handcrafted tulle flowers, apparently rescued from the dumpster and given a sexy new life. “Trash is the new gold,” concludes van der Kemp. He sounds so convincing it’s hard to disagree.



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