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Rosalía pays homage to Japanese style with her 'Tuya' music video

In Rosalía’s new song and music video “Tuya,” the Spanish singer takes viewers on a fashion tour of Tokyo. “I wrote the arrangement for ‘Tuya’ inspired by Japanese instruments,” she said. If you’ve followed the star’s Instagram page before, it’s no secret that she loves the Japanese city and travels there often – so she wanted to take a moment to spotlight its beautiful culture and style. “Japan made me want to move slowly and delicately,” says Rosalía. “It’s beautiful no matter where you look at it. I admire their devotion to the little things – everything that inspires me. Absolutely everything is ritual.”

Although Rosalía described the song as “a connection or an erotic encounter with another person,” but the singer said she wanted the video to have a completely different feel. “The video [surrounds] a foreign girl in Tokyo who is lonely all the time,” she said. “I found the juxtaposition to be interesting for the visual part.” Of course, in doing so, she couldn’t help but imbue the video with a strong cool-girl chic vibe. (It’s iconic Tokyo, after all.) “I had a lot of fun in Tokyo the day before the shoot,” she says. “The expression represents the playfulness of that moment, and is also part of Tuya’s visual context, in which sensibility plays an important role.”

Rosalía in vintage Hysteric Glamor T-shirt and Quira skirt

Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Records

Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Records

For the video, Rosalía I wanted to capture that special element that makes up Tokyo style—the way locals can effortlessly mix pieces and patterns. It’s a far cry from her fashion aesthetic during her “Motomami” days, when she focused on sleek black leather and motorcycle-inspired looks. “I find inspiration in the free mix of patterns and colors that occur naturally in Japan,” says Rosalía. “I’m also a fan of 60 year-old ladies’ dressing: they look beautiful everyday when they go out shopping in their neighborhood. I remember in Kyoto I wish I could age gracefully like them.”



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