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Rose and Killer Manga Ends in 3rd Volume


The second compiled book volume of Nozomi Mino‘s () manga revealed on August 25 that the manga will end with its third volume, which will ship in January 2024.

The manga centers on Ari, a girl who has just had her parents killed in front of her, with the hired murderers intent on killing her too. Fleeing from the murder, tired and desperate, a figure arrives to save her, a professional hitman named Kei Bishin. Together with Kei, Ari resolves to get back at the organization that killed her parents.

Mino launched the manga in Shogakukan‘s magazine in December 2022. The magazine earlier revealed the manga with the title Karasu to Usagi (Crow and Rabbit), but the title changed when the manga launched.

Mino launched the () manga in Shogakukan‘s Premium magazine in March 2018, before moving the series to the sister magazine in April 2019. The manga’s main story ended in June 2022. The manga also ran in Shogakukan‘s Premium magazine under the title Special Bullet, and the manga likewise ended serialization in that magazine in July 2022. Shogakukan shipped the manga’s 12th and final volume in November 2022.

Viz Media is releasing the manga in English, and published the manga’s ninth volume on June 13.

The manga inspired a live-action series adaptation that premiered in October 2022.

Source: volume 2



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