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Rosetta Getty Resort 2024

Recently, Rosetta Getty has been collaborating with a new artist each season to inspire and create lookbook images to go with her collections. For the holidays, she returned to artist Isabelle Albuquerque, whom she first collaborated with last season. “[Last season] she had a big show, but we didn’t spend that much time and I wanted to explore a little bit more with her,” Getty said. “We grew up in LA with artist parents — the hippie parent moment in LA — and we’ve both traveled all over the world and been exposed to very complicated worlds, but we come from a very similar place.”

In a way, the

year-old artist is like a stand-in for the designer in the image; not only the visual resemblance, but Getty’s relaxed vibe and personal style are evident – especially In shape. “Everything feels a little loose this season,” she said. “I think it’s important to have a more relaxed feel.”

The designer’s denim suit of choice is here; this time in a jacquard check pattern. “It’s really crazy, I’ve never seen anything like it,” Getty said. “It’s Italian, and it’s from this house that makes incredible fabrics. It ends up being so expensive, but the fabrics are so beautiful, and I like to use them once in a while.” She also brought contrasting acid-wash black denim cloth. In her look book, she styled it as a modern take on the Canadian tuxedo: an oversized short-sleeve polo shirt and matching wide-leg jeans with an incredible drape. A four-piece suit in interwoven check (jacket, trench coat, vest, and trousers), a black plongé leather suit (with long shorts), and another three-piece suit with a double-breasted jacket and slacks for soft style More rounded. Clipping options.

When it came to prints, Getty wanted something “a little bit” like a weirdly shaped polka-dot cow print and another print based on foam under the rug. Sequins are one of her signatures, and chiffon wraps the long-sleeve fitted A-line dress for a magical touch. Stripes were also a focal point, used on relaxed vintage-inspired dresses in thick cashmere, and on relaxed cotton shirtdresses where they were pieced together to face in every direction. Elsewhere, cable-knit and cashmere pieces bring comfort to the collection. “You can even sleep in it,” Getty said.



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