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Rosie Assoulin Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear

Rosie Assoulin is happy with the surreal and the absurd. That’s what draws people to her designs. She can fall down the rabbit hole — literally this season, as she’s inspired by Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass” and “What Alice Found There” — and then take on a series of whimsical pieces Back, these pieces are enough to make real people want to wear them.

This spring collection is a particularly strong collection for Assoulin. No gimmicks or themes on the nose. Really, the theme is “Spring” and there are Carol and Alice everywhere. Practical pieces are lively, bold colors or illustrations: a suit with green plaid shorts and a red plaid blazer; a nicely embellished brown suit with flowers; dark green Shandong cargo pants (remember she was an early adopter). ), pleated skirts and collared shirts. Make a whimsical piece like a skirt with a supportive waist, while giving it dimension and comfort.

The most interesting of the Assoulin series is from High Wattage Capital – G Gowns. In that regard, she delivered this season. The gingham ball skirt has a refined interior that resembles Roman shades. With a range of ties, you can personalize the swag and layers on your skirt to your liking. Pair it with a long-sleeve crop top for your most refined picnic needs. A bold cornflower blue gown with a contrasting red belt with a keyhole neckline, shawl-style back and delicate layered skirt reminiscent of something from the Gilded Age (just without the hustle and bustle percent). In her studio, Assoulin points out how the layers make the seamlines look like almost every suit in a deck of cards: abstract spades, hearts and diamonds. There is something delightful about every fold.



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