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Roy Wood Jr. jokingly calls out Trevor Noah's surprise “Daily Show” departure announcement: “Why did you put my name on it?”

The Daily Show Reporter and comedian Roy Wood Jr. for the show’s outgoing host Trevor Noah after his surprise announcement last week that he was leaving the Comedy Central series.

Wood takes a moment to speak on latest late-night satire news show Noah September departure announcement , sources told The Hollywood Reporter yes Staff and executives at Paramount and Comedy Central didn’t know.

“I’m scared to talk to you now because the last time you talked to me, you decided to leave the show,” joked the reporter. “Shouldn’t be talking to you. You’re probably going to leave in the next ad break. We’re probably talking too much right now.”

Interesting exchange is that Noah starts his surprise As a result of the decision, he referred to a recent conversation he had with Wood, followed by a shoutout to longtime fellow reporter Ronnie. Chatting with Roy Wood Jr. and he reminded me that it’s been seven years since we started with Trevor Noah ‘s Daily Show,” the host said in a five-minute post-show talk last Thursday. “One of the most important feelings I find myself going through the whole night and even waking up today is gratitude. Ronnie, the journey we’ve been through together has been crazy; Roy – all the reporters, everyone. There’s so Multiple people have brought this together, and I want to thank the audience for these wonderful seven years. It’s crazy.”

Noah then revealed He plans to quit the series to pursue other things in his life. “I realized that after seven years, my time was up, but in the most beautiful way,” Noah said. “I love hosting this show. It’s one of my biggest challenges. It’s one of my biggest joys.”

Wood quipped about Noah, who started to get people backlash, as he is believed to have played a role in the decision to leave. “Why did you put my name in when you resigned?” Wood asked. “You [intended] to get off the show, get off the show. But you started bullshitting last week,” I was talking to Roy. ” You can say, “Bitch, I’m leaving.” “That’s all you have to say. You don’t have to drag my name in. Now everyone on my Twitter is yelling at me that it’s my fault you decided to leave the show.”

The Daily Show reporter even mentioned in the tabloid a picture of Noah hanging out with singer Dua Lipa in New York City, joking that she was behind Noah’s decision the real culprit.

“It wasn’t my fault when the truth of the matter [was] you went out with Dua Lupita the night before,” Woods said by the singer’s name. “You’re on the street with that singing girl.”

While Noah discourages his Daily Show co-star from believing” Anything you read in the tabloids”, but Roy insists he got it set. “You came here and let me talk to me because you know you’re going to step down after talking to me.”

News of Noah’s departure comes after the host and comedian re-promoted his earlier this year entered into a five-year deal that allowed Comedy Central hosts to pass 20. While Noah was vague about his plans for his lateDaily Show on Thursday, in a lengthy “Between the Scenes” section, he characterized the announcement as a surprise .

“Anytime you’re transitioning on the show, there’s a huge process, and I know that because I took over from Jon Stewart, and it’s a huge undertaking. I understand how difficult this is for myself and for the people who helped me make this happen,” Noah said. “That’s why I’m telling you I’m leaving, so it’s not like an Irish farewell… Our goal is that none of us are left in a place where we feel it’s momentary, or we feel it It was a surprise.”

When talking about his departure, Noah said: “The joy is discovering how we do it, how we do it best, and then I Just hope you’ll keep coming back,” after he noted that he wanted people to tune in without him. “I hope you’ll come back and I hope you’ll support the next guy.”

He also detailed his thoughts on his time on the show and other benefits he’s getting now. He noted that given the need to deal with Stewart’s legacy first when carving out his own space, then the 2016 election and the global pandemic of the past few years .



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