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Rumor: Samsung is bringing back the rotating bezel for the Galaxy Watch6 Pro

The rotating bezel is a unique selling point for Samsung watches, but the company chose to skip it in the Galaxy Watch5 series. According to Korean leakerSuper Roader, the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Pro will bring back the rotating bezel, offering an upgrade path for those who stick with the classics.

The Pro alone will offer this feature, and the vanilla Watch6 will reportedly stick with the digital bezel. For those of you who thought the Galaxy Watch5 Pro was too big, there’s some good news (it only has one 46 .4 mm size), Watch6 Pro will be available in two sizes.

Galaxy Watch5 Pro Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic • Galaxy Watch5 Pro

However, it is unclear what these dimensions might be. Galaxy Watch4 Classic comes in 46mm and

mm size, the former has a 1.4-inch display (the same size as the Watch5 Pro), and the latter has a 1.2-inch display. Both versions of the Watch6 Pro should be in the same ballpark.

There should be other upgrades, such as the small battery recently photographed by Safety Korea 23mm Galaxy Watch6 (spotted by GalaxyClub) and it has 46 mAh capacity from 300mAh battery of

A new generation of Samsung Galaxy Watch is likely to be unveiled in August alongside the next generation of Samsung’s foldable devices. Luckily for the impatient in the audience, Samsung tech tends to leak ahead of the official unveiling, so expect to hear more about the new Pro soon.

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