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Rush is Troye Sivan's happiest, sweatiest, most intimate period.He talks to Vogue about his new single and upcoming album

I also have to ask about your schedule because there is some chatter online About the song not being released during June Pride, even though you’ve been making fun of it since then.

The full, honest truth is that I’ve been ready to release this song for a long time, it’s literally my capitulation to existing power Conversation, like, Well, I’m sure you guys know what you’re doing. It’s been a long time since I released an album and I’m really proud of my music so I just try to give it the best I can. Pride is a year-round thing for me, and it’s hot in LA right now, so it still feels relevant. It’s not a pride song or anything like that either. Sure, I’m gay and I sing about sex, but it’s not like I want to create a pride anthem. I’m singing about my life.

When I told the friends I was with this weekend that I was going to talk to you guys about this, all of us agreed that it was released in July correct. We can be gay June.

I was in London on 1st July and I had this picture on my phone of a trash can with a pride flag can. I was like, that’s exactly what I said . This should be a year-long celebration, not just a month.

This video encapsulates the energy of a sweaty, sexy summer party. how do you imagine

I just wanted it to feel real. In our conversations, someone would say, “Is that too much?” I’d just say, “Oh my God, no.” We’d go to dark room parties every weekend, and that’s real life, and that’s how it feels . I also spend a lot of time in Australia in the summer, which is exactly what I wanted to capture. Everyone’s hot, everyone’s sweating, everyone’s wearing sunscreen and their skin is glowing, and it can be anything from what we in Australia call ‘the bush’ [outdoor parties] to nightclubs or bars, Or stay at home with friends. No matter what it looks like, it’s the feeling of endlessly obsessing over your friend and wanting to have a really good time. I also spent a lot of time in Europe, and the European party culture inspires me a lot.



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