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Russell Wilson's Broncos debut against the Seahawks is the most-watched MNF game since 2009

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Russell Wilson’s debut against his former Seattle Seahawks on Monday with the Denver Broncos drew a lot of intrigue and attention.

In fact, ESPN revealed in a press release that it was the most watched since the 2009 season The Monday Night Football game was also the third-highest since it was broadcast on ESPN in 2006, with 19,845,000 viewers.

Monday night’s game also marked Joe Buck and Troy Aikman’s ESPN debut as the anchor duo. This year’s season opener for Week 1 Monday Night Football Crowd Creation A new record, 16% higher than last season’s record viewership.

Wilson’s debut also worked wonders for ESPN’s alternate TV show because Monday night football game with Payton and Eli garnered 1,502,000 spectators, more than the Manning Brothers 86% made their debut last season. Unfortunately, Wilson’s first game in a Broncos uniform didn’t go the way he wanted. Denver lost to Seattle 17-16 in a game that had some issues with decision-making and clock management. Late in the fourth quarter as the Broncos advance, first-year head coach Nathaniel Huck Te ignores the pause until the time runs out. He then opted for a 64-yard field goal on the 4 and 5 rather than giving Wilson a chance to knock the first down. Brandon McManus missed a long attempt to ensure Denver lost in Week 1. Wilson passed for 340 yards, 29 touchdowns – 42 passing. His opponent Jayno Smith replaced him as Seattle’s starter, and he threw for 195 yards and two points in a solid performance that impressed. Next week will be a Monday night doubles game with the Tennessee Titans taking on Buffa on ESPN Robills, Minnesota Vikings will face the Philadelphia Eagles on ABC and ESPN+.



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