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Russia one-way tickets up 27% after mobilization – ForwardKeys

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The number of one-way air tickets issued from Russia increased by 27% in the week announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin in September 21 Spain’s first mobilization since World War II, according to forwardKeys airfare data on Tuesday.

The mobilization of men to war in Ukraine has prompted thousands of men of school age to flee Russia to avoid conscription, which is advertised as recruiting people with military experience and expertise, but often appears to be blind to service records, healthy , school status and even age.

Compare bookings from September 22 to September 27 with the previous week, It is shown that the issuance share of one-way tickets jumped to 73% in the week of the announcement, compared to 47% the week before.

ForwardKeys VP of Insights Olivier Ponti said: “These numbers are significant and correlate with reports of sudden increases in ticket sales.

60% of the tickets purchased in the week of the announcement have a departure date within days, higher than 73 % compared to the previous week. The company said the average departure time decreased from 34 days to 22 days.

According to Air Travel Bookings data from ForwardKeys, there was a triple-digit increase in one-way tickets for the week ending in September 27 from Russia to Tbilisi, Georgia Sri Lanka, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Istanbul, Turkey, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.




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