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Russian strike leaves 6 million without power in Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine – Ukraine said six million people were still without power on Saturday as it worked overtime to repair critical infrastructure damaged by Russian attacks in recent days and boost the lives of residents without water and power as temperatures dropped. Spirit.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged Ukrainians to limit energy consumption in a video address late on Friday, saying that if a home or apartment currently has power, it is likely to be without it at any time.

On Saturday, the day the country commemorates the Great Famine of 1932-33 that killed an estimated three million people, Zelensky said in a letter to Ukrainians that Moscow used The tactics are similar to those used by Soviet leaders to deprive Ukraine of food nearly a century ago. “They once wanted to destroy us with hunger, and now they destroy us with darkness and cold,” he said in a message on the Telegram channel. “We cannot be broken. Our fire will not go out. We will defeat death again.”

People place candles at the National Museum of Ukraine Saturday in Kyiv on Saturday Holodomor – genocide commemoration of Holodomor victim.

photo: oleg petrasyuk/Shutterstock

Mr. Zelensky’s message came two days later, the big Long without power and water in some areas, residents are scrambling to stock up on supplies to get them through the winter, with stocks of basic items like candles and generators dwindling. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on Saturday called on Russia to stop the war and help end the global food crisis. “Ninety years ago, the terrible Holodomor in the Soviet Union killed millions of Ukrainians,” he said. “Today, Russia is using starvation as a weapon of war against Ukraine and sowing division and further instability in the rest of the world.” He added that NATO “will stand with Ukraine for as long as it needs to.” In recent weeks, Russia has stepped up its missile attacks on Ukraine in an attempt to destroy critical infrastructure and weaken the resolve of Ukrainians to keep fighting. The tactic has been unsuccessful in turning the population against Mr Zelensky and his government, the survey showed.

Russia has stepped up its missile attacks on Ukraine in recent weeks. picture:

Bernat Armangue/AP

Meanwhile, Ukraine is urging its Western allies by providing The weapon used to bring down the target before it was used to help strengthen its air defenses. Ukraine needs to replace its Soviet-era air defenses with Western weapons, Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat said. The US has committed eight mid-range Nasams systems, two of which are currently operating in Ukraine, and Germany has said it will deliver three Iris-T systems next year to complement those already deployed in Ukraine.

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“We need a lot,” said Mr. Inart. “Because today we still rely on the Western weapons provided.” Even without strengthening Ukraine’s air defense network, it is not clear how long Russia can maintain the attack speed. Russia may remove nuclear warheads from aging cruise missiles to use against targets in Ukraine, Britain’s Ministry of Defense said on Saturday, further evidence that its stockpile of long-range missiles is low. The ministry said recent open-source images showed the remains of an air-launched missile fired at Ukraine that was designed in the 1980s as a nuclear delivery system. It said the warhead was likely replaced by ballast and that the missile could still cause some damage through its kinetic energy and unused fuel.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in the town of Vyshhorod near Kyiv See the ruins of a residential building destroyed by a Russian missile attack. picture:
Press Agency of the President of Ukraine/via Reuters

“Regardless of Russia’s intentions, this improvisation highlights The extent of the depletion of Russia’s stockpiles of long-range missiles,” the ministry said in a statement posted on Twitter. As Ukraine struggles to repel Russian forces still occupying vast swathes of the country’s east and south, fierce fighting continues, particularly over the city of Bakhmut in the East Donbass region, Ukrainian officials said a network of resistance fighters Continue to destabilize occupation officials and military administrators in areas far from the front lines in Russia. Two Russian soldiers and a Ukrainian collaborator were killed in Russian-occupied Mariupol this week, said Petro Andriushchenko, an assistant to the exiled Ukrainian mayor of Mariupol. Killed by a car bomb. In a post to Telegram, he wrote: “One less occupant tonight is definitely good news.”

Candles are lit during a power outage Friday following a Russian missile attack on infrastructure in a restaurant in Lviv, Ukraine. picture: Mykola Tys/Zuma Press

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