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RWBY: Ice Kingdom – Episode 10

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Although I do think some of the ideas and animation sequences in this episode were a bit confusing, happy with everything All appropriately exaggerated like a real orgasm. The first third of the episode is mostly a showcase, a look back at Blacks’ plans, and let us catch up on last week’s episode’s twisted finale. Basically, Blake will infect herself with the ex-Green inside Jaune at the start of the show so she too can have a nightmare that overlaps with Weiss. So the version of Blake we see is a negative one, stemming from her deep-seated fears and insecurities. There is no doubt that she casts emphasis on Weiss in the form of her own appointed blame and judgment. I’m curious how the fight between these two will work out since they’re literally pitting the worst versions of themselves against each other. There’s a lot of talk about Blake judging Wes based on her connections to her family, and when you consider the fact that all she knows is the devastation that White Fang is causing people who work, you might think that’s not the same for Wes. Not fair for her family’s company. Then again, the show is also a bit vague about how well Wes knows what’s going on, so it’s hard to gauge how justified many of Blake’s calls are. Although I mainly applaud Ice Queendom for the direction it would be nice If only the writing of the informational content about these characters’ worldviews wasn’t so abstract. As a fan of the original web series, I’m slightly more knowledgeable on this, but I can imagine first-time viewers might have questions about how much each of these teens actually knows about the other’s role on the show. Their prejudice is wider.

I guess it’s about making everyone’s character development revolve around a The protagonist’s plot development, because while I do think Weiss’s background and worldview are very fleshed out, I expect the others to have the same attention to detail. I’ve complained a little bit last week about how Ruby’s arc about being a leader keeps being raised but never fully resolved. Now I fear the same thing will happen to Blake. The thing is, when you’re tackling heavy topics like bigotry, racism, and prejudice, you don’t want to drop by halfway. Admittedly, Ice Queendom does a better job handling these themes than the original show A personal perspective in previous seasons, but that’s not a high bar either. There are only a few episodes left, and everything up to the last shot suggests this is the true climax of the season. It’s unlikely that everything will be tightly wrapped, but at this point I just hope the main idea of ​​the show is conveyed clearly enough in a satisfying way.




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