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RWBY: The Kingdom of Ice – Episode 9

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Episode 9 of RWBY: Ice Queendom ?

Community Rating: 3.8

We didn’t fully explore Ruby’s dream-within-a-dream scene, although I can see why As such, I can’t say I wasn’t at least a little disappointed. On the one hand, I can understand wanting to keep following Weiss. Cool, she was infected with nightmares, which allowed Ruby to briefly say what was probably Weiss’s true inner thoughts, even though it also gave Ruby a very convenient way to piece things together. On the other hand, the show does a really good job of establishing Ruby’s insecurities as a leader, and I think her character arc is as important in its own right as anything Weiss is going through. I love how Weiss himself explained the connection – even though they technically did have a family to take care of them, they both grew up very alone and they both felt the emptiness wasn’t completely gone yet Filled up – but we were knocked out of the dream right after that one was brought up, so I can’t help but feel like it was all a little rushed.

This episode does have some good foreshadowing and payoffs like The prank about Ruby’s weapon puts the gun in the wrong place in the dream world, only to find out that Weiss did it on purpose so that Ruby could use it as a sniper rifle to get close to her faster. Also, we do have some good insight into Jaune’s aura and its apparent healing powers, but I think it’s a good idea for non fans, as this plot point is unlikely to be fully expanded after many seasons. It’s great to see this sword’s Nightmare Protection ability in action, I wonder if there’s a more efficient way to use it. Also, since most of what everyone has on hand is something Weiss manifested in his dreams, is that sword a power unique to Jaune or something Weiss came up with? I hope it gets explained.

Finally, a little bit more about the scrap that Weiss uses to isolate any unease Building ideas she might have. Faunus’ Blake-related relic makes sense. If I were to take a wild guess at what Blake’s plan was, she might have taken the form of Wes’s subconscious desire to see her, trying to fully confront that preconception. We only get to see it a minute before the end of the episode, but her design sucks. Overall I’d say it’s probably the weakest episode of the season so far, but I think it’s mostly down to missed potential that might be made up for in the next episodes. Score:



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