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Ryan Fitzpatrick thinks he's “The Motherf-ker” Tom Brady is mentioned in “The Shop”

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) Ryan Fitzpatrick thinks he is Tom Brady on HBO in 2021 The Shop. While discussing his 2020 free agency and how he ended up joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady said he couldn’t believe a team that showed interest in him finally backed down.
Brady said: “One of the teams, they ended up not interested. I was thinking, ‘You stick with that sissy?'”

Fans have concluded that Brady was referring to the Miami Dolphins and Fitzpatrick, who in 2019 and Fitzpatrick respectively Play for the team in 2020. However, Brady never revealed who he was referring to.

Anyway, Fitzpatrick thinks he’s “that jerk” and he’s in with Stugotz The Dan Le Batard Show elaborated on his beliefs through Ryan Glasspiegel of the New York Post:

“I think I’m still. I think I’m still that person. If you go back to that… …before the 2019 season when the Dolphins were trying to put together a roster that would help them get better draft picks next year so it wasn’t an attractive situation for Tom anyway. So I don’t know about him Why is it so sad, but to this day I still believe that I am that mother [f–ker].”

When asked if he was offended by Brady’s comments, Fitzpatrick replied:

“I’m trying to get my wife to make a few t-shirts so I can wear them around. We’re just trying to figure out which letters to blank with all the kids.”

Later, he said: “I like it. A good nickname.”



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