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Ryan Murphy defends Dahmer Netflix series

Ryan Murphy discusses his work for Netflix in a new profile with Produced two hits The New York Times and addressed some of the criticism surrounding the biggest one, Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

Limited series about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer has become The biggest hit of Murphy’s prolific career, with massive streaming data every week since September, including #1 on Netflix A released and set to play 1 billion hours on Halloween weekend, per Murphy. then threatened to be Murphy Replaces The Watcher with Ian Brennan’s next limited series , a true crime thriller starring Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale, in theaters in October 13.

but Dahmer – Monster also received Backlash from victims’ families , some of whom accused Netflix and the production company of never contacting them, and has been criticized for exploiting trauma, focusing on Dahmer’s horrific behavior. Murphy has previously said that he and his team have been in touch Victim’s family and friends during their three-and-a-half-year study, and “none of them responded to us during the process.”

Murphy was in contact with Speaking about the profile published over the weekend, Maureen Dowd said he told Dahmer’s story to shed light on the racism and homophobia that defined the case because “it’s the biggest I’ve ever seen” thing, it really tests how easy it is to get rid of the white privilege side of things.”

Adds, “What’s the rule now? Shouldn’t we be making tyrant movies?”

He also disagreed with the streaming decision Removed from show after some viewers complained Its LGBTQ label .

“I also don’t think all gay stories have to be happy stories,” he said. “There was a moment on Netflix where they removed the LGBTQ label from ‘Dahmer’ and I didn’t like it and I asked them why they did it and they said because people were upset because it was a disturbing story. I was Think, “Well, yes. “But this is the story of a gay man and, more importantly, his gay victims.”

He cites episode six (David McMillan and Jenny Featured “Silence”) Mock, directed by Paris Barclay), which focuses on Dahmer victim Tony Hughes, a black deaf man, for an hour he is most proud of: “There’s a five-minute scene, three Deaf gay men talk in sign language in a pizzeria about dating, gay life and how hard it is for them. I can’t believe I got the gift of putting it on TV.” (Mother of Tony Hughes Shirley Hughes says Series dramatizes her son’s story.)

In this article, Murphy did not mention his plans for his contract with the streaming giant to expire in five months. Will he stay on Netflix, he’s now the second biggest hit in streaming history with Dahmer, or will he go back to FX and Mother Company Disney?

Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos pointed out to Dowd that he brought Murphy to mega $26 million production transactions first because “very few people can do what he ended up doing at Netflix” on the grounds that Dahmer has now become Global hit.

“Everybody knows Versace. Everybody knows OJ,” Sarandos said, referring to Murphy FX hits from American Crime Story . “Everyone knows Jeffrey Dahmer, but he turns these familiar stories into something new.”

“On Netflix with The Politician , Hollywood and The Prom , Sarandos added, “I don’t think it’s possible for anyone, not just Ryan, to get to the level they’ve got without a couple. After they figure out “How do I adapt my storytelling to this platform? How do I connect it to these audiences?'”




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