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Ryanair apologises for blocking media from AGM

Conor Humphreys

DUBLIN (Reuters) – Ryanair on Thursday apologised for blocking media access to its annual general meeting, saying it had happened by mistake, but said it would continue to block access to a reporter from an Irish newspaper.

Reporters who knew they had been taken to the AGM room normally open to the media were told they were taken to the AGM by CEO Michael O’Leary in subsequent briefings.

After the meeting, O’Leary apologized to reporters for “mishandling” by his team and promised a more detailed explanation later.

Ryanair stated that all resolutions at the meeting were approved, 100% support the remuneration policy, 100% support the company’s The airline said annual accounts.

A majority of board members are re-elected by at least % of shareholders, although two former Ryanair executives, Howard Miller and Michael Kaw Lee got 72% each.

Proxy consultancy PIRC questions whether former executives can provide independent oversight. O’Leary said he disagreed and said the pair made management “the saddest” of all board members. He said he has no plans to replace either.

O’Leary defends decision to ban Irish Independent journalist John Mulligan, who says he has “misreported” the company in the past, which Mulligan has repeatedly denied The allegations are baseless.

The Irish Independent quoted the National Union of Journalists as saying any attempt to decide who covered the story was unacceptable, noting that Ryanair had been banned by Ireland in 2019 The News Ombudsman declined.



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