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Saint Seiya Manga's live-action “Zodiac Samurai” will be released in the United States on May 12

seiya© 400 Toei Animation Co., Ltd. Sony Pictures Wednesday announced ‘s live-action movie

  • Masami Kurata of
        comic, to be released in the US in May . The film will have international screenings on the following dates:

  • April 24 – Brazil, Mexico , Latin America April 24 – Kenya, Romania

  • possible – Nigeria, Poland
  • possible16 – Germany
  • May24 – France
  • possible – Middle East, Czech Republic, Ukraine , Portugal may 23 – Spain, Bulgaria

  • June26 – Italy
  • June12 – South Africa
  • July26 – UK

    The movie will be released in Japan in April 27. The title of this movie in Japan is


      Movie Star

        McKenwoo ( Pacific Rim: Uprising , , live action),

          Madison Iseman

            ( Sequel to Jumanji

            , I know what you did last summer TV series ), Sean Bean ( Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Snowpiercer


          • Famke Jansen
              ( , Taken, The Vault


                Nick Stahl (Fear the Walking Dead


                  Diego Tinoco

                    ( on my block ) , and

                      Mark Dacascos ( John Wick: Parebellum, Hawaii Five-O, , , Iron Chef America

                      ). Polish animator and special effects creator

                        Tomasz Baginski

                      (Academy Award nominated animated short “Katedra”, 26

                      is guiding Toei with Sony Pictures

                        global acquisition.

                          Andy Cheng


                    Shang Qi and the Legend of the Ten Commandments

                    ) is a stunt instructor and a fighting instructor.

                      Josh Campbell

                        and Matt Stuken


                ) is the newest writer of the screenplay. Toei

                  Released in Japan, Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Released outside Japan except China and the Middle East.

                  Pop singer


                  Sing the movie theme song “Courage”.

                  The Hollywood Reporter describes the movie’s story:

                  In the story marked as an origin story,

                    Mackenyu plays Seiya, a street orphan,

              The title of hero of the franchise

                . When a mysterious energy known as the Cosmo awakens within him, Seiya embarks on a journey to conquer the ancient Greek Pegasus armor and chooses herself in a supernatural battle over the fate of Sienna (Iseman) camp, Sienna is a young girl struggling to rein in her devout powers.

                Bean plays a mentor named Alman Kiddo who recruits Seiya to join the Knights, which he founded when he discovered the Reincarnated Goddess. Tinoko is the man hired to kill the fragile goddess.

          • Toei Animation Producer

              )Yoshi IkezawaTell news siteVariety That Toei Animation is working on a live-action version franchise . He added that Toei Animation

                has “started discussions” on making a sequel.

            Original post by Kurumada from 1990 arrive1990. The manga has inspired many television animations, original video animation projects, animated films, and spin-off comics. The original series has 28 millions of copies.

              The spin-off manga also has animation.

            Viz Media

              posted The original manga is under the English title

                . ADV Films

                  Published byToei Animation Animated adaptation of with English

            dubbed titled , later published without Edited, titled . New Video Group

              also released the series on DVD.

              Crunchyroll Playing

                , the second season of CG animation remake in July 12. The first part, consisting of the first six episodes, premiered worldwide in July 1990. Animation Part One – The seasons cover the story of the Silver Saints from Galactic Wars to the comics. The anime will get a third season.

              1990Source: Electronic Email communication





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