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Saint Seiya: The Next Dimension Manga's “Final Series Prequel” Ends, Manga Continues Hiatus


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from Akita Bookstore magazine published the final chapter of ‘s “Final Series Prequel” Masami Kurada on Thursday of comics. The manga will continue with the “Final Series Sequel,” but it will be interrupted first. Akita Shoten will reveal when the manga will resume at a later date.

Comics published in April “The Final Series Prequel “Restoration”, eight chapters in total. The manga has been on hiatus since July 2021.

Kurumada from 2021 and

Started manga serialization Akita Shoten released volume 4 on April 7th. Kurumada had previously published in September 2021 means that the “final series” of the manga will have 13 chapter. Kurumada published the original Comics from 16 to 1990. This manga has inspired many TV animations, original videos Animated projects, animated films and spin-off comics. , a live-action Hollywood film based on the original manga, released in Japan in April . The title of this movie in Japan is .The film opens in the US in May .

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