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Saint Seiya's live-action version of Zodiac Samurai opened to draw 2.4 million US dollars

seiya© 1986 Toei Animation Co., Ltd. seiya Box office sites The Numbers and Box Office Mojo both list an estimated opening price of $2.4 million

    , Masami Kurumada‘s

  • comic. The film is currently released in Japan (title is ), Mexico, Brazil, Latin America, Kenya and Romania. Box Office Mojo has this movie listed for $1, 310,554 Mexico Gross Income, USD 28 ,173 In Japan, USD 26,731 in Colombia, and US dollars ,400 in Romania.

    The film will be released in the US in May . This film also has international screenings on the following dates:

  • possible10 – Nigeria, Poland

possible16 – Germany May12 – France

  • may 10 – Middle East, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Portugal
  • may 16 – Spain, Bulgaria
  • June26 – Italy
  • June16 – South Africa
  • July28 – U.K
  • Movie Star Mackenyu ( Pacific Rim: Uprising , , Live Action Movie) as Seiya,

      Madison Eastman

    • ( Sequel to Jumanji ,

    I Knew You Did Last Summer

    TV Series) as Sienna,

      Sean Bean ( Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Snow Country Train series) as Alman Kido,

    • Famke Janssen
        (X-Men, Raid, Sanctuary) as Guraad,

      • Nick Stahl
      • (

      Fear the Walking Dead) as Cassios, Diego Tinoco

    • (On My Block

      ) as Nero, and

    • Mark Dacascos
    • ( John Wick: Parebellum, Hawaii Five-O, , , Iron Chef America

      ) as Mylock.

    Polish animator and special effects creator Tomasz Baginski (Academy Award nominated animated short “Katedra”, Guiding Toei with Sony Pictures

  • Global acquisitions.
  • Andy Cheng
  • ( Shang Qi and the Legend of the Ten Commandments

    ) is a stunt director and a fighting guide.

  • Josh Campbell
  • and
      Matt Stuken (

    ) is the latest writer of screenplays. Toei is released in Japan and

    Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Released outside Japan except China and the Middle East.

    Pop singer P!nk

  • Sing the movie theme song “Courage”.
  • The Hollywood Reporter describes the movie’s story:

    In what is marked as an origin story, Mackenyu plays Seiya, a wandering orphan, in Protagonist


  • . When a mysterious energy known as the Cosmo awakens within him, Seiya embarks on a journey to conquer the ancient Greek Pegasus armor and chooses herself in a supernatural battle over the fate of Sienna (Iseman) camp, Sienna is a young girl struggling to rein in her devout powers.

    Bean plays a mentor named Alman Kido who recruits Seiya to join the Order, which he founded when he discovered the Reincarnated Goddess. Tinoko is the man hired to kill the fragile goddess.

  • Toei Animation

  • Producer
      Yoshi Ikezawa told news site

    Variety That Toei Animation The live-action version is the “six movies in one package” franchise

  • . He added that Toei Animation
  • has “started a conversation” to making a sequel.
  • Original post by Kurumada from 1990 arrive1990. The manga has inspired many television animations, original video animation projects, animated films, and spin-off comics. The original series has 28 Millions of copies printed. The spin-off manga also has animation.

    Viz Media published the original manga in English under the title of

  • RELEASED English animation adaptation of Toei Animation dubbing
  • in title

    under , and later with

  • as the title Edited for release. New Video Group
  • also later released the series DVD. Crunchy Roll
  • Start Playing , July CG Animated Remake Season 2731. The first part, consisting of the first six episodes, premiered worldwide in July 1986. Animation Part One – The season covers the story of the Silver Saints from Galactic Wars to the comics. The anime will get a third season.

    2023source: Numbers, Box Office Mojo

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