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Saint Sintra Fall 2023 ready-to-wear

Sintra Martins are caught up in “the chaos of it all” after a tumultuous year. Backstage at the boisterous Jac’s on Bond’s fall2023 party, she was dressing models and even sewing the last few looks an hour into the party. Martins, like other designers, has felt the unexpected pressure to be professional on an official calendar. But this season, she decided to do things her own way. “I’m interested in scattershot fashion shows,” Martins said. “I think this collection is one of my strongest pieces, so showing it in an off-the-cuff way shows the community-building aspect of the brand I’m trying to grow.”

Time limited for her For her presentation search (which began planning a week ago), Martins gathered a group of her close friends to wear her dresses. “They are the women who inspire me,” says the designer. In the back room of Jac’s, a common scene on a girls’ night out, music is blaring and friends help each other put in final beauty touches before taking pictures of each other. The collection includes dresses that look like

and are made from spandex swimsuit material with a V-cut for a fitted mini length that won’t risk sparkling taxis as you get in and out. Silk and velvet skirts brushed softly over the body. These garments may feel a bit unfinished, but Martins has the ability to create a perfect fit for every body type. Even better, her friends radiate the confidence and hot girl energy that only hot outfits can bring.



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