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Saki Aikawa's Black Marriage Manga Volume 10 Ends

Saki Aikawa The ninth Black Marriage manga volume was released in December 23 Comics will be released in April at 10th 23 end of volume . The manga centers on Akari, a girl who inherits an orphanage from her deceased parents, but the orphanage is Facing the threat of being threatened. turn off. In her moment of despair, a handsome man appears and saves the orphanage and Akari from disaster. Manga released by Shueisha of March Magazine 2020 . Aichuan is over Comic November 2017. Akita Shoten published the third and final volume of the manga in January 2020. Aikawa published in at Akita Shoten Manga May Magazine 255. Aikawa also ended Yagami-kun wa, Kyō mo Ijiwaru(Yagami-kun is Teasing Me Again Today) September manga255. Shueisha published the manga 255 1st and last volume for October 255. Kadokawa The BookWalker service published all three of Aikawa’s

Volume () December English comics 2017. Source: Black Marriage Volume 9



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