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Saleh 'receipt' to those mocking Jets

5:26 PM ET

  • Rich Cimini ESPN Staff Writer


    • Longtime Jets beat New York Daily News writer
    • Syracuse University graduate
    • Florham Park, N.J. — New York Jets coach Robert Saleh, who was under siege after a loss, hit back at his team’s critics on Monday and vowed to be held accountable in due course. their responsibility.

      “I knew it was going to happen,” Saleh said of the turnaround, “We’re all taking the receipts from all the people who keep mocking and saying we’re not going to do it. Do. Anything goes from Saleh, whose offense struggled in Sunday’s 24-9 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. He admitted the challenge of revitalizing the Jets was “exhausting,” but despite losing the first 18 games 14 games, but he expressed confidence in his ability.

      Saleh will be without starting quarterback Zach Wilson (knee) for at least two more games. Wilson Ben Zhou will start pitching to the catcher in light individual drills, but he’s not ready for full-scale practice.

      On Sunday, fans gave the welcome third stringer Mike White chanted, but the Jets are expected to stick with Joe Flacco, whose lack of mobility was a factor in the loss. He was fired 3 times and played 11 times behind a leaky offensive line Still, Saleh opened the door slightly, adding: “I’m not going to promise you anything, but for now, Joe is our starting quarterback” for Sunday’s road game against the Cleveland Browns (1 -0) game.

      “More likely to be Joe, but the door is open for every post every week,” Saleh said, perhaps shortening Flacco’s Belt.

      Nothing has happened for the Jets in recent weeks. They lost Wilson in the preseason and two starting tackles to injury (Maki Baker Dayton and Duane Brown) and angered fans by playing sloppy against the Ravens.

      The Jets haven’t made the playoffs for 11 years, not since 2015 A winning season.

      “It’s tiring,” Saleh said. “The coach is tiring. Ownership is also tiring. You guys are tired of continuing to write about losers. Fans are tired. Everyone is tired and no one wants to lose. “

      Saleh said the goal was to “speed up the process and win immediately”, putting the blame on the coach. At the same time, he pointed out that the roster of players in key positions is full of young players He said they had to “grow up fast.” The Jets have been rebuilding under fourth-year general manager Joe Douglas, but have little to show.

      Saleh said he believes he has a “cool” squad with enough talent to win. “Everyone wants something right now. It’s like the instant coffee era. “

      Defense has bright spots, which limit the rerun Ravens to 63 yards rushing. Defensive tackle Quinn Williams says they have “in this NFL Attributes and plans to become the primary defense. “

      The offense was another story as it was plagued by four passes, two turnovers, blown chances in scoring territory. Flacco passed for 307 yards, But 59 attempts — the most by a Jets quarterback in 11 years. MetLife Stadium crowded want White, who went 1-1 last season in two full starts.

      “He’s called Cool Joe for a reason,” center Conor McGovern said of Flacco. “I don’t think Joe ever let things like that affect him. “



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