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Salesforce rolls out features to boost marketing and sales automation

Salesforce this week launched a new set of automation features for its marketing, commerce, service and sales products.

Marketing Cloud’s Account Engagement API enhancements are designed to automate personalization and engagement. It does this through new integrations with the company’s CDP and external segmentation tools.

Users can now create and share segments in CDP, enhancing them with additional account attributes to personalize and activate engagement across channels. For example, a company can attract freemium software users with personalized enterprise software upgrade tours via video, email, and mobile devices.

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Other upgrades include:

  • Composable Storefront for Commerce Cloud
      . This allows retailers to conduct commerce in a headless manner while easing the management of website hosting, security and scalability. Users can create and deliver flexible, custom commerce experiences for any device or application without the need for additional expensive architecture.

  • Store Associate app enables retail staff to quickly access customers Insights and inventory levels. It aims to create a more personalized shopping experience with in-store shipping capabilities, online purchases, in-store pickup and omni-channel inventory visibility.

    Service Cloud Contact Center

  • Wants to increase agent productivity and efficiency with a unified agent desktop and AI-powered recommendations across all channels.

  • Service DirectoryAutomate frequent service requests such as refunds or Subscription plan changes. Customers can make these requests through a storefront-like experience.

    Flow Automation Packs Automate the lifecycle of various tasks— — such as managing incident tickets and customer onboarding processes.

  • Einstein Bot for Sales can perform multiple tasks, including answering Customer questions, connect them to the right rep via Slack, and automate meetings.

    Enablement Track sales rep achievement milestones and Provide training programs in the workflow to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest product features and new sales techniques.

Why do we care . Due to inflation, supply chain issues and labor shortages, companies need all the automation tools they can get their hands on. Companies know this—91% of organizations say they need automation technology, but only 23% have actually implemented it. Salesforce seems to be focused on helping to solve this problem.

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