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Salma Hayek Adds a Supermodel-Favorite Exercise to Her Long List of Wholesome Hobbies

Where in the world is Salma Hayek right now? In recent months, she has been traveling non-stop, from Jordan to New York City, forever on the hunt for new experiences. Her most recent destination? Her native Mexico, where she posted about “chasing sunsets” as she rode a horse on the beach at golden hour.

An idyllic glimpse into Salma’s world—plaited pigtails and all—the beautiful scene was one thing, but the horse riding another. With this new pastime Hayek is following in the footsteps of many a supermodel—Gigi and Bella Hadid and Gisele are all keen equestrians.

Whether it’s aqua aerobics or trampolining, Hayek loves to try new workouts, and horse riding is brilliant for both mental and physical health. As well as building core strength and improving cardiovascular health, it’s also great to help relax the mind—not least because it’s a chance to spend time outdoors.

And while we don’t all have access to a quick canter on the sand, what we can do is be more Salma. So next time the opportunity to try something new presents itself, why not say yes?



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