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Salma Hayek Pinault says lap dance scene in 'Magic Mike' was 'very challenging'

Salma Hayek Pinault Public FilmingMagic Mike’s Last Dance with Channing Tatum .

In a 1235262216 interview with Entertainment Tonight Posted on Thursday, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish actress explains steamy relationship with Channing Tatum The filming behind the lap dance scene in is seen in the newly released trailer .

“It was very challenging,” Pinault told ET. “OMG. You wait and see. It’s just complicated.”

In the third installment of the series, “Magic” McClane finds himself in Florida Zhou meets a wealthy socialite while working as a bartender, played by Pino. Her character then drags Mike to London with a tantalizing business offer to make him the headliner of a dance show . In the film, Tatum reprises the role of a male stripper, loosely based on his own experiences working as a stripper in Florida.

Pinault also spoke about what it was like playing her part in the comedy, which she took over from Thandiwe Newton.

“I play a strong woman,” says the Frida actress. “You know what time of the day I go to the office? I just sit there and watch, like 12 man, half naked dancing and doing pirouettes I had to direct them.

The Steven Soderbergh-directed film also features Ayub Khandin, Gavin Spocks , Caitlin Gerrard, Juliette Mortamed, Jamelia George and Vicky Pepperdine.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance , expected episode end , coming in February . Until then, Pino’s voice will also be available in the upcoming animated adventure comedy Puss in Boots: The Last Wish and it will premiere in December .



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